When a bunny refuses to eat a carrot given to him by Fluttershy , she throws him into a "bunny fire". This fire is

unrelated to a cloud of smoke that is starting to cover Ponyville , which Twilight informs the ponies is coming from a dragon. The main characters are tasked by Princess Celestia (or so Twilight claims) to destroy him. Fluttershy is highly hesitant to join the mission and actively tries to sabotage it (by causing an ABBAlanche, for example). She later admits that the dragon is her estranged father ("dragonness is recessive", she explains) and she doesn't want to face him. Only when Twilight inviting the dragon to voluntarily join a zoo, Rarity impersonating Fluttershy via witchcraft, Pinkie Pie offering herself to the dragon as his new daughter, and Rainbow Dash's brute-force attack all fail, is Fluttershy motivated enough to confront her father and kill him (off-screen).

There is a running gag in this episode emphasizing how Applejack's and Rainbow Dash's Elements of Harmony (Honesty and Loyalty, respectively) appear to have switched in this episode. A compilation of clips from the show posted to Sherclop Pones' YouTube account a week later makes this point in a less subtle way.
There is also a larger amount of creative editing than in previous episodes, with the screen turning red from Fluttershy's bonfires, clips from various ABBA numbers appearing on rocks during the ABBAlanche rockslide, and Rarity changing color using magical accessories.'s synopsisEdit

A Dragon is spreading fire all up in Ponyville's grill, so the girls go on a journey to destroy him. Twilight Sparkle learns valuable lessons about friendship and magic.

anonymous's synopsis Edit

A dragon is causing smoke everywhere. The main characters try to stop him by going on a adventure and see if friendship is really magic!