How Applejack Won The War (original song)-0

How Applejack Won The War (original song)-0

Description: Edit

Apple Bloom asked for help on a homework assignment, and this happened.

lyrics Edit

Day one

War's begun

Come on johnny get your gun

At fruit camp we learn to shoot

Boy my helmet sure looks cute!

March out


Hey I'm speaking fancy too

Agent Orange?

Just wait and see

Apple tanks are all we need!

Day two

Lots to do

Rarity is working too

War is like an Apple Farm

Raze that field and raise this barn

So far

It's a breeze

Some civilian casualties

Hit your mark, a fatal blow

Grab your partner, do-si-do

Draft horse

No remorse

Alpha, bravo, charley-horse

Family bonding, selling bonds

Signing treaties, singing songs

Take off!

Bombs away!

In my plastic aeroplane

Hope my backup gets here soon

Hey it's Twilight Sparkle's Balloon!

Day three

Out at sea

In my apple submarine

In the silence, spendin' time

Ruminatin' on my crimes

Wake up

Not done yet

Battle time, all hands on deck

We can sink their battleship

Burn them to a Honeycrisp

White flag?

We're not done

Got those cowards on the run

Round 'em up, no need to stall

Take no prisoners, kill them all!

Day four

Won the war

Loyal to my apple corps

Ponyville gives amnesty

Red delicious victory


Proud to be

Freedom isn't Everfree

Hung my ribbons at the door

That's how Apples won the war!