201px-Twilight, Rarity and Applejack with mud masks S1E8

Applejack, Rarity and Twilight Sparkle wearing smooze goo as a makeover.

Various background ponies (saying "cloud", "stick", e.t.c.) are getting ready for a storm (the pegasi work to make the storm, the ponies in Ponyville take down sticks and twigs from trees). When the storm strikes with Applejack and Rarity being outside, they reluctantly seek refuge at the Ponyville library (Twilight Sparkle's used-to-live home) to avoid coming down with the "disco fever". This is an opportunity for Twilight to re-enact a story she is writing: "Diamond in the Rough: a love story", whose main characters are Applesack and Charity based off Applejack and Rarity. At the end of the episode and after some adjustments Twilight made, she sends the entire story to Princess Celestia, who is not very enthusiastic about it; this marks the first time a clip from a second MLP episode is used in a video (Griffon the Brush-off in this case).

Unlike Look Before You Sleep, Spike is present with his voice heard only, but not seen in this episode; Twilight had sent Spike to the roof to hold the lightning rod in place, and he later falls off it when the tree crashes into the library. In his brief appearance in "Dragone Baby Gone", his feet have been digitally altered to appear bandaged, possibly as a reference to his fall in this episode.

The episode's musical number is a song Rarity compulsively sings before going to bed named "Art of the Matress" is known to play in this episode, set to the tune of Art of the Dress. It has allegedly been favorably commented on by Daniel Ingram, the composer responsible for Friendship is Magic's songs.[5][6]

Official synopsisEdit

Rarity and Applejack are stranded at Twilight's house during a thunderstorm. Twilight Sparkle learns valuable lessons about friendship and magic.

Description (Unofficial) Edit

A thunderstorm is coming, and so Rarity and Applejack get settled to be stuck in Twilight's house for a sleepover and do some (a bit) stupid random things at the library.