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Sweetie Belle, an example of a robot.

Robots are non-sentient beings that exist in the world of Friendship is Witchcraft, oblivious to their true identity. Robots cannot feel emotion, though may be programmed to express it. Robots are not to be confused with cyborgs, which, unlike robots, have souls. The origin of robots is unknown.

Habitat and characteristicsEdit

Robots are everywhere, living obliviously as ponies. Because they are built and
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Educational depiction of the inner structure of a robot.

programmed to look and act like ponies, it can be nearly impossible to notice a robot without paying attention to its obviously electronic voice and strange speech patterns. They are composed of mechanical workings underneath synthetic skin and have a small antenna that is normally hidden under their mane. Their eyes are red, a feature that sometimes shows through under their synthetic pony eyes. Their eyes also are monochromatic, as seen with sweetie belle.Fabulous item detected! It is believed that robots make whirring rouses when they move their synthetic limbs.

Danger to societyEdit

If a robot learned about its true identity, it would probably go on an existential
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Educational depiction of a robot on an existential rampage.

rampage, destroying many sentient ponies in its path. They are thought to grow drastically in size during these episodes. Due to this risk, ponies are encouraged to report known robots to the robot police so they can be destroyed. Ponyville has even gone so far as to ban numbers, probably because of their prevalence in coding.

Robots also have their own vision, which seen by their view consists of green, bulged sight. Sweetie Belle is the only one who can be seen by her robotic view in Neigh, Soul Sister, where she sights a sweater and washes it, but ends up shrinking it instead, making Rarity furious as a result, but judges it gently to Sweetie Belle for more tasks.

Robot policeEdit

The robot police are a task force that seek and destroy robots. They listen in on conversation in an effort to detect robotic behavior. Two of their main tools are soul scanners and sentient scanners, both of which are designed to expose robotic traits.

In PonyvilleEdit

The only known robot in Ponyville is Rarity's sister Sweetie Belle, though no characters, including her, are aware that she is one. Like all robots, she is oblivious to her true nature, but clearly expresses robotic traits. At times, she gets close to beginning a rampage, and obviously has the ability to wreak havoc should she choose to. Some events at the Sentient Social serve as robot-detection methods. Robots are an area of study in Ponyville schools.