The War is a war said to have ended 10 years prior to the initiation of the series. It is mentioned often between Applejack and Rarity; Rarity insists Applejack has commited war crimes on most occasions. The belligerents are unknown, but Applejack and Rarity seem to have fought on the same side. It is sung about in How the Apples Won the War

Method of fighting and ground operationsEdit

The war seems have been been fought chiefly with trench warfare. References are made to life in the trenches, and Rarity becomes inconsolable when Sweetie Belle play-acts a mortar attack with her. There may have also been some instances of guerrilla warfare, as "burning villages" is mentioned by Applejack.

According to How Apples Won the War, apple-shaped (or Apple-manufactured?) tanks and submarines were used by the Equestria miltary, and mention was made of enemy battleships. Aircraft were used for bombing runs, and Twilight Sparkle militarized her balloon, turning it into a floating artillery battery.

Alleged war crimesEdit

At one point during the war, Applejack drove a stampede into a school house in order to save the Apple Family. Rarity still brings this up and insists Applejack's actions were criminal. She also allegedly sank an orphan transport vessel and ordered the massacre of the surrendering enemy forces at the end of the war.

Alleged desertionEdit

Rarity was removed from the front lines due to an injury or series of injuries she sustained. It is not known whether they were caused directly by the enemy or by some sort of action of Rarity's part, but Rarity's description as "stylish injury" point to the latter cause. Applejack regards Rarity as a deserter.